How to Copy Games For PS3 and Make As Many Back Ups As You Want Fast

There are many avid gamers that want to know how to copy games for the PS3. No one wants to invest hours into mastering or completing a game just to have the game get damaged and not be able to play it any more.

To begin copying and backing up games for your PS3 your will first have to turn on your PlayStation 3 and load up the xmb. Now insert an external memory source into one of the slots in your PS3 gaming system. For this you can use an external usb hard drive or memory stick.

To perform this copying procedure you must have the game data you want to copy saved on your system. Find the saved game data you want to copy using the xmb’s “saved data utility”. Highlight the entry and press the “triangle” button to access “options”. Now choose “copy” and press “X”.

Now select your external memory source and press “X” to copy data from your PS3 system to your external memory source. This is a great way to copy games for PS3 that are already saved on your system. However, some saved game data will be copy-protected by the person who developed the game and can’t be copied this way.

To get around this copy protection on the game you can use a professional game copier software to complete the job. With this game copier software you will simply download it onto your PC and then run the program. Now insert the game disc of the PS3 game you want to copy and use the software to rip the game data onto your computer.

After that simply insert a blank disc into the DVD/CD drive of your computer and use the software to place the game data onto the blank disc. Using this software will make the entire process last around 15 minutes.

Once the game copying software is complete you’ll have a high quality copy of your original PS3 game to play as your back up. Using such a software is the easiest way to copy games for PS3 even with the copy protection.