Three Must Have Games For PlayStation Move

Playstation Move is the latest console of Sony that allows the users to play games without holding the traditional Dualshock controller. Move has the capability to accurately track the movements of the players and convert in to in-game characters in real-time. This creation from Sony will surely take PS gaming to the next level.

Aside from the motion-sensing controller, PlayStation Move also has a built-in eye camera peripheral and voice recognition software, which threatens the strong lead of Nintendo Wii in motion-sensing games. Here are the three best games that you must have for PlayStation Move:

Little Big Planet 2 is set to be released this November 2010. This is the second installment of the world-wide phenomenal game called Little Big Planet. Sackboy once again will take the main role, with added features such as being able to customize your own stage depending on your skills and abilities. Although this game is not recommended for everyone, this will still keep gamers attached to the game, especially now that it utilizes the Move motion-sensors.

Time Crisis: Razing Storm is one of the few games that work best with the gun-shaped controller. Boasting with amazing features like the two-player mode that will surely create more fun and enjoyment for everyone. Compared to other Time Crisis version, this game provides a more in-depth story that will allow you to take full control of the in-game character. This game was released last October in US and Japan, and will surely take the full advantage of the new hardware for PS3.

Killzone 3 is the third sequel for the popular first-person shooting game for Playstation. This is the first known game to support 3D graphics with motion-sensors. Thinking how this game makes me excited about becoming a real in-game character, which is almost comparable to virtual reality games.